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Have your party at Cassiopeia.

Welcome to Cassiopeia. Looking for a place to have your next birthday party, wedding or christening? We have a variety of different offers and menus, and if you do not find exactly what you are looking for here, do not hessitate to contact us with further requests. Almost everything is possible in Cassiopeia…

We love parties & special occasions

If you are more than 8 guests we would like to know what you would like to eat in advance. For numbers between 8-20 please see our current a la carte menu and choose from there. We strongly recommend our 8 course tasting menu where you will be able to try a little bit of everything. If you are more than 20 guests there is additionally 4 different company menus to choose from. For numbers over 35 guests there are also options of buffet and receptions (finger food) specified below.

If you are more than 100 guests we will give your company the entire restaurant free of charge. For private Companies less than 100 guests there is an additional rental price of 300 DKK per unused chair up to 100: If you have a company of 70 it will be 30 x 300 DKK extra rent for closing down the entire restaurant.

We hope to see you in Cassiopeia…

  •  From 8 – 35

    • Lunch- & Brunch buffet
    • Tasting menu
    • 3 course menu (choose from our current ala carte menu)
    • Company menu (minimum 20)
  • From 35 – 145

    • Lunch- & Brunch buffet
    • Company menus
    • Nordic buffet
    • Receptions
  • From 35 – 250

    • Receptions in Cassiopeia (standing dinner)
  • From 250 – 400

    • Receptions in the  Planetarium (standing dinner)
  • Arrangements in Cassiopeia

    • Concerts
    • Special events
    • Summer outdoor
    • Christmas
    • Easter
  • Special parties

    • Christening
    • Confirmation
    • Weddings

Company Menus (min. 20 guests)

put together your own menu
prices from

2 dishes 210,-
3 dishes 275,-


Soup of The Season

Citrus Cured Salmon +20,-

Radist, dill oil, rye bread crumble & lemon broken gel

Slow Cooked Cod +20,-

Seasonal vegetables crudité, buttermilk & a kick of horseradish

Smoked Halibut +30,-

Cauliflower couscous, dill mayonaise & malt crumble


Grilled Veal +30,-

Braised sun choke, potato fondant & red wine glaze

Slow Cooked Pork Tenderloin

Red currant glaze, onion purée, roasted beets, potatoes tossed in butter and herbs

Whole Roasted Beef Tenderloin +60,-

Potato “pommes Anna”, celeriac purée, seasonal cabbage sauce

Quail Stuffed With Mushrooms +40,-

Baked Salmon +30,-

Crispy cauliflower, cauliflower purée, olive, vinaigrette, potatoes in butter & herbs


Rhubarb in Vanilla

Vanilla syrup, white chocolate mousse & honey crumble

Lemon Tart

Creamy caramel & fresh raspberries

Chocolate & Strawberries +35,-

Lava cake, fresh strawberries & strawberry sorbet

Créme Caramel +25,-

Rose caramel, orange sorbet & roasted almonds

Buffet (min. 30 /max. 115 guests)

385,- pr. person

Taking our point of departure in the Nordic cuisine here is a buffet filled with fresh, local ingredients.

On the cold side

Classic Scandinavian herring
Smoked salmon with horseradish & radish
Citrus cured salmon with dill mayonnaise
Smoked mackarel with apple mayonnaise and herb salad
Different Cold cuts with karl johan mayonnaise
Fresh Salads- seasonally mixed & marinated

On the hot side

We put the focus on slow cooked beef, pork & fresh local fish.
Along side the different meats, we serve fresh potatoes tossed in butter and Herbs, creamed potatoes with Nordic Herbs as well as a varienty of seasonal vegetables & sauces to complement the main courses.


Danish cheese board with jam & crisps
Rhubarb pie with vanilla cream
Sea buckthorn mousse with malt crumble

We serve home baked light and dark bread and butter for the buffet

179,- pr. person

Can be ordered on weekdays until 3pm, for a minimum of 30 guests

Enjoy our wonderful lakeside view with a variation of Scandinavian seafood combined with sunny flavours from Southern europe.
Our fresh lunch buffet has everything from the classic herring table to slow cooked meat & fresh mixed Salads.

Seasonal soup


with capers & onion


with crayfish & caviar

Citrus cured salmon

with apple mayonnaise

Smoked mackerel

with dill mayonnaise

fish fillet

with lemon & tartar sauce

Selected cold cuts

with seasonal accompaniments

Warm liver päté

with toasted mushrooms & bacon

Danish meatballs “frikadeller”

with pickled red cabbage

Slow roasted chicken

Vegetarian pie & potato tortilla

Fresh seasonal salads, dipps & sauces

Fruits & cheese

Kids under 12 years 89,-

Receptions under the stars (min. 35 guests)

255,- per person

Fried planets in orbit

Variations of potato

croquettes with black garlic mayonnaise

Finger foods

Hot smoked salmon

blinis & dill mayonnaise

Confit duck terrine

& caramelized figs

Veal carpaccio

cashew nuts, flamed apples &  leek ash

Roast beef

remoulade, rye bread & pickles

Salt fish salad

sundried tomatoes & starfruit

Eggplant caviar

apricots, pine nuts & black crackers


Milky way chocolate mousse

chocolate flames & strawberry

Floating island

passion merengue & raspberry


Plaice on rye bread

with remoulade & lemon  35,-

Mini burger

with pickled red onion & green mayonnaise  45,-

Mini pulled pork

with pickled cucumber & chili glaze  40,-

215,- per person

Vegetable garden

Seasonal vegetables crudité

with cream cheese & yoghurt dip

Finger foods

Tomatoes in tomatoes

with confit cooked tom berries, sea-fennel & fennel salad

Forrest mushroom croquettes

with malt crumble

Smoked halibut salad

with mango vinaigrette

Baked cod

with lovage oil, seasonal vegetables and kick of horseradish

Chicken meatballs

with tomato jam


White chocolate cheesecake

with estragon gel

Lemon tart

with burned merengue


Plaice on rye bread

with remoulade & lemon  35,-

Mini burger

with pickled red onion & green mayonnaise  45,-

Mini pulled pork

with pickled cucumber and chili glaze  40,-

Drinking Packages



Welcome cava
1 gL white wine
1 gL red wine
Coffee / Tea



Wine menu with selected wines for the menu
1 gL white wine
1 gL red wine
1 gL dessert wine



(3 hours)
Welcome cava or elderflower with white wine
Wine, beer, soda, ad libitum
Cognac or liqueur (2 cl)

Contact us or book the table directly.

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