Great food, ecology and civic responsibility

Welcome to Restaurant Cassiopeia.
  • Situated next to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium with one of the best views of the lakes in Copenhagen you can find our lovely restaurant.

  • Our kitchen takes it´s point of departure in a combination of the Danish and French cuisine. Our dishes are prepared from the ground with seasonal organic products.

  • The atmosphere in the restaurant is casual, relaxed and cozy.

  • We are an organic restaurant and our kitchen has an attitude: Sustainability is extremely important to us and we strive to use as many organic products as possible, and furthermore to make use of the whole product to minimize food waste. Minimizing food waste is on the top of our list which is also why we in collaboration with the amazing project toogoodtogo offer lunch boxes to go for only 29 kr.

  • For the same reasons our meat comes from organic bred, and to the possible extent, Danish animals.

  • We have a lunch menu, evening menu, really good coffee, weekend brunch, lunch buffet during weekdays, and indoor and outdoor service. In collaboration with the Planetarium we can accommodate groups/companies up to 350 people and have everything from meetings/conferences to weddings and other festive occasions. Here on our webpage you will find all of our different offers, if you have any specific wishes or allergens contact us and we will do our best to fit your requests.

  • We hope to see you in Restaurant Cassiopeia…

For corporate and friendly lunches.

Buy a lunch box from Too good to go and help our fight against food waste

We hate wasting good food…

At 3 pm on weekdays and 3.15 pm in weekends it is possible to buy a lunch box through too good to go for only
29 DKK.
Fill up your box with nice food and contribute to the fight against food waste…

Contact us or book the table directly.

33 15 09 33